In countries as diverse as Switzerland, Nigeria and Ukraine, Paul has worked in multinational boardrooms and environmental disaster zones managing corporate, crisis and product PR as either an in-house or PR agency consultant. Highlights include ten years in the City of London, most notably as head of media and parliamentary relations at the Council of Mortgage Lenders; a decade in the energy sector for Ernst & Young, Switzerland, and for UK trade associations, which included spending six-months onsite at Chernobyl in the mid-1990s.

He has a background in telecommunications as a researcher and entrepreneur. He currently freelances from near Zurich as a PR adviser and writer for a range of clients in the international finance, aviation, IT and Swiss biopharmaceutical sectors. Paul is co-founder and program manager of the Zurich Salon and the editor of 21st Century PR Issues; besides being an occasional contributor to a range of newspapers and online magazines.

Here are three recent outings:

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