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2 July 2012


Essay: Sustainability and WBCSD’s myopic Vision 2050

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s Vision 2050 says the corporate world must play a leadership role in solving mankind’s mounting problems. It outlines a new agenda for business: to work with government and society to transform global markets and competition to achieve a sustainable future. But here is a thought. Is Vision 2050 anything more than a PR survival plan for today’s big companies seeking a long-term and popular license to operate? Read on ›

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5 November 2008


Obama’s good old-fashioned use of TV

There are those in the PR industry who argue that Obama is a communications pioneer. They note that he mobilised five million volunteers to attract funds and communicate via social media. That shows communications becoming democratic, decentralized, interactive, more word-of-mouth – even tribal. These fans of Web 2.0 overlook one very big detail. Read on ›