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10 March 2009

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Cohn & Wolfe tells bank bosses to communicate

There’s a timely call in today’sTimes for bank bosses to take the lead in restoring the reputations of their own institutions. Some have, but the message remains valuable.

PR firm Cohn & Wolfe director Ros Hunt writes that, “a successful response to a crisis situation starts with the senior executives and flows through the workforce directly to consumers.” Hunt says that too few senior financial executives have been explaining their role in events. I agree. Except that I would make a few honourable exceptions. John Varley of Barclays and Michael Coogan at the Council of Mortgage Lenders have been excellent. Moreover, Stephen Green of HSBC deserves praise for his upfront comments at Davos.

One response to “Cohn & Wolfe tells bank bosses to communicate”

  1. Sean Williams says:
    Paul, last Sunday’s NY times talked about James Schiro of Zurich Financial and his perspectives on Communication — its more about ongoing communications rather than crisis, but here is a financial CEO stepping up on the comms front.