Paul Seaman is the former head of media and parliamentary relations for the UK’s mortgage industry. Paul has also advised banks, insurance companies, the nuclear industry, pharmaceuticals, IT, steel and more.

Paul has a network of seasoned PR professionals who know how to devise and implement communication strategies. This talented team has worked for many of the world’s most respected brands and for some of the world’s leading PR agencies.

Whatever your PR problem, we’ve probably been there and fixed something like it already. We have experience at the highest corporate levels, but also on-site, on the street, and in the TV and radio studio. Here’s an overview:

  • CONTENT Development: We write and convey your narrative and messaging. We also develop innovative thought leadership content.
  • RISK Consultancy: From Chernobyl to the credit crunch we have seen action in PR wars. We will analyse your risks and advise you on how to establish emergency plans. We also do hands-on PR for clients during real crises.
  • MEDIA Relations: We have experience honed as journalists, broadcasters and as PRs facing the media. Our solutions and services cover planning and preparation, including media training and messaging workshops, as well as fronting your media relations. 
  • Social Media: We set clients straight about how to open up new interactive channels of communication without getting carried away with trendy jargon and over-enthusiastic solutions.
  • ISSUES Management: We assess and map your issues and organise the right strategies to keep surprises to a minimum whilst making sure your messages work.
  • COMMUNICATION Audits: We interrogate your reputation among your key audiences and stakeholders. We work out who your key audiences are and how to reach them.
  • TEMPORARY On-Site Assignments: We can be anywhere, anytime to help deal with urgent communication challenges.
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