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13 September 2009


Defend Intellectual Property against Mr. Toad

There’s no doubt, I’m becoming a New Labour fan – sort of, selectively. And just as it is about to be replaced, and all. Take Peter Mandelson’s proposal to protect copyright by introducing laws that could cut the connections of millions of free-loading piratical internet users. That’s the stuff! Read on ›

Categories: Media issues / PR issues

13 January 2009


PRs and Hacks: Time to call a truce?

If you ask journalists what they think of PRs the response is likely to be colourful. Yet I know (and so do my colleagues) just how much they rely on us. The hostility is snobbish, but it is also phony. Charlie Beckett, the director of POLIS, argues the time has come to kiss and make up. Read on ›