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7 February 2010


Social media reality check 2010

Social media is looking less glossy after bruising encounters with business, personal and political reality. Here’s three glimpses of how it’s no longer so hip, cool or influential. Read on ›

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7 December 2008

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Not too much Mr Nice Guy

This piece comes with a health warning. It is a bit rude about a very prevalent fashion. I want to diss the idea that PR online strategies must be nice, non-judgmental, inclusive, blah blah. Read on ›

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20 November 2008

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Germany 1 England 2

I watched the England game last night at the local Stammtisch. Every time Germany touched the ball the Swiss drinkers booed. They banged the table in delight when West Ham’s Pat Upson scored. They were sure the Swiss referee would favour us. (Why was that good?, I remembered to ask myself.) They said it was just like in 1966 when West Ham and a Swiss referee humbled Germany at Wembley. It was England’s glory last night in Berlin. They loved it. So last night on Zurich’s Gold Coast I toasted England’s revival under Italian leadership – with my Swiss neighbours. Read on ›