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13 June 2011


Hairy Days for Journalism

On the night of Wednesday 8th June, Alastair Campbell issued a stark warning to British journalists. Speaking ‘in conversation’ with Bill Hagerty, editor of British Journalism Review, New Labour’s former spin doctor warned that journalism risks losing even more integrity by shifting its ‘centre of gravity’ further towards celebrity culture. Read on ›

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23 December 2010


Why WikiLeaks is bad news…

Here is a piece on privacy, transparency, trust and the problem of WikiLeaks that I published at the beginning of 2010 (February 1) which deserves another outing as the year ends.  Read on ›

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22 December 2010


Messrs Cable and Assange: The media’s holy fools

There are two media hullabaloos resonating right now: Business Secretary Vince Cable was stripped of some decision-making powers after telling undercover journalists he had “declared war” on Rupert Murdoch; WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange now claims The Guardian has betrayed his secrets. It makes me wanna chant “long live the media!” Read on ›