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20 June 2015

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The PR industry’s part in professor Tim Hunt’s downfall

The recent expulsion of Tim Hunt, the Nobel prize-winning British biochemist, from both his professorship at University College London (UCL) and posts at the Royal Society, for telling a politically incorrect joke, exposes – yet again – how acting on modern PR mantras routinely undermines the very soul of institutions when a crisis strikes. Read on ›

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29 December 2013


Are modern PR thinkers spinning Isocrates’ legacy? (revised Dec 2013)

Back in January, I gave a lecture on the moral bankruptcy of the shame culture in ancient Greece to Associate Professor Josh Greenberg‘s fourth-year undergraduate class. Afterward, a debate arose about Isocrates’ legacy. It revolved around whether his ideas and lived-example laid the foundations for what some practitioners refer to as the morality of modern ethical two-way symmetrical public relations. Read on ›

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12 November 2013

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Homer and the origins of public relations

Here is the first of two essays on the rise to power of public opinion and the origin of public relations. This one deals with archaic Greece (circa: 800 BC – 500 BC). It outlines the emergence of artistic freedom and individualism on the rocky road toward democracy. The second will interrogate the contest system, the shame culture, mistrust, and openness to change and risk in Classical Athens. It will look at what happens when public opinion is not engaged critically. Read on ›