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31 October 2008

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Come on you Irons

Gianfranco Zola – manager of West Ham United – is confident that our team’s four-match losing streak is set to end soon. He says it could start on Saturday at the Riverside when we face Middlesbrough, before home matches against Everton and Portsmouth.

“I know the value of my players and I’m not worried at all. My concern is that they don’t get too frustrated. I totally believe in them and I have so much faith in their qualities for us. I am sure this spell is going to be over soon.”

I hope he’s right. But the manager’s perception, like our dreams, often fades and dies over the course of 90 minutes’ play. But when West Ham’s fortunes turn, you’ll read about them bubbling here.

One response to “Come on you Irons”

  1. Alan Brighty says:

    Value and Faith rarely go hand in hand. Footballers are vastly overpaid to do what kids do for free – kick a ball around. If they can’t do it convincingly, fire ’em and buy some others who can. There are plenty waiting on the sidelines.