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18 August 2010

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Tony Blair got the PR for his book right

There’s been a hullabaloo about how Tony Blair’s gift of £4.6 million profit from his book to fund a Royal British Legion rehabilitation centre backfired. So allow me to defend Tony Blair’s acute sense of aligning his PR with the public mood.

Tony Blair knew he might as well have kept the money he’s going to earn from his book for all the love giving it away would get him. But he also knew he didn’t need the money; that it was blood money; that he owed it to the soldiers. And, he knew that he needed to de-taint the book if it was going to be read, which is what mattered most to him. With a controversial gift, which in itself attracts readers and interest, he decontaminated the brand, not his, but the book’s.

One response to “Tony Blair got the PR for his book right”

  1. tim says:

    Agreement here.
    No matter the man himself has certainly made mistakes. From a purely PR centric view it works: people will read his book, his legend will live on and be (mis) understood by more people and whether they disagree with him or not at least the money can go into assistance for the returning soldiers. Win-Win